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ABOUT the site –––––

This blog was created in April of 2008 with a focus on sharing simple, sophisticated, in-season recipes that any one can make at home. You won’t see recipes with pretentious ingredients, over-priced puff pastry (around here, we make our own; don’t worry, it’s simple!), or recipes that require specialty equipment.

Around this part of the world wide web, you’ll read poetic writing, silly stories with the occasional sarcasm tied in, and you’ll find simple recipes made with in-season ingredients (well, most of the time). Food should be simple to make, sophisticated, in season, accessible, and most importantly- delicious.

ABOUT kamran ––––– Kamran Siddiqi

Hey there! I’m Kamran Siddiqi. Feel free to call me Kam; most of my friends and family do.

I am the self-taught cook & baker, writer, photographer, designer, and dishwasher for this site. I am a 22-year-old New Yorker residing in New Jersey, and I recently wrote a cookbook called Hand Made Baking: Recipes to Warm The Heart.

I was brought up in a family of food lovers. We put food at the center of everything, and cook seasonally. During the winter months, smells of hand made cakes and flavorful pies dance through the house. In May, mustard greens and glorious green leaves of spinach are cooked down to make Saag (essentially: an Indian spiced spinach dish) the very way my great-grandmother taught our family to make it. In the summer there are several punnets of venetian-red strawberries and crimson tomatoes à gogo.

Growing up, restaurant visits were rare, and were only left for special occasions. We always cooked, and I loved that. Homemade Indian flatbreads were made daily– a family affair after my parents came home from work. Both of my parents come from two very different, yet similar, backgrounds. My father is a native of Pakistan, and was born into a (mostly) Punjabi family that breaths good food. My mother was born in New York to a father from Cádiz, Spain and a Mother from The Dominican Republic; although they lived a very frugal lifestyle here in the States, everything was always homemade and delicious.

MISCELLANEOUS information –––––

Have a question? Consult the FAQ (frequently asked questions) page before chiming in, you might find an answer to your query over there.

Want to drop by and say “hi”? Have a recipe suggestion? Do you have a random food-related question? Can’t find the answer to your question on the FAQ page (or on this site)? If so, contact me!

PRESS, awards, and recognition –––––

• Featured in Food & Wine Magazine(September 2014)

• As seen on The Cooking Channel(Spring – Summer 2013)

• New York-Style Soft Pretzels Recipe Featured in print and Online at The Oregonian(April 2, 2013)

• Mango Frozen Yogurt Recipe on Babble(April 27, 2013)

• As seen on Glam’s Foodie.com

• Featured in Foodie Crush Magazine(July 10, 2012)

• As seen in Sated Magazine (May 2012)

• New York-Style Soft Pretzels Recipe Featured on Babble’s The Family Kitchen(January 3, 2012)

• New York-Style Bagel Recipe Featured on Seattle Weekly’s Holey Sh**(November 7, 2011)

• Mentioned on The Kitchn’s Decadent Soup Without Cream: 10 Favorite Recipes(October 26, 2011)

• Featured in Gourmet Live’s “Growing Up Gourmands”(September 14, 2011)

• Mentioned on Summer Tomato “For the Love of Food”(September 9, 2011)

• Interviewed on Wisconsin Cheese’s Wisconsin Cheese Talk Blog(August 19, 2011)

• Featured on Splash Life’s “30 Under 30: Futurist Foodies”(June 30, 2011)

• Spoke at BlogHer Food 2011 – “The New Generation”(May 20, 2011)

• Featured on Abrams Books’ Stewart, Tabori & Chang Cooks Website(April 26, 2011)

Soft Pretzel Recipe Mentioned on The Examiner(April 26, 2011)

• Mentioned on food52(March 30, 2011)

• Food News Journal’s “Best of the Blogs” (February 28, 2011)

• Mentioned on the kitchn (February 24, 2011)

• Featured on Epicurious.com (February 18, 2011)

• Mentioned on Gluten-Free Girl & The Chef (October 2010)

• Featured in Yum Food and Fun Magazine (October 2010)

• Mentioned in the Dix Hills Patch Online Newspaper (September 12, 2010)

• Mentioned on The Pioneer Woman(August 2010)

• Featured on Mommy Niri (June 2010)

• Featured on The Cooking Channel Blog (May 2010)

• Mentioned on Martha Stewart (January 2010)

• Featured on Summer Tomato (May 2010)

• Featured on Cooking With Amy (October 2009)

• The Sophisticated Gourmet has been featured several times on Foodgawker, Photograzing, and Tastespotting

•“Kamran came to the rescue” – Jaden Hair of Steamy Kitchen | July 6, 2009

• The Sophisticated Gourmet has been featured several times on the Foodbuzz Top 9 and as a featured foodie in their July 2009 newsletter (for the post on Food Photography)

• The Sophisticated Gourmer Awarded the “Kreativ Blogger” award and the “One Lovely Blogger” award several times.

• “If the end of the world means soda bread and jam, I’m there in my Marc Jacobs and fur collar.” – likeomg (dot org) | July 27, 2009

• Kamran was featured as a chef on the US Wellness Meats website (August 2009)

• “My Mom’s Amazing Spaghetti and Meatballs Recipe” featured on Good Bite Top 5

• “My Version of the Croque Madame” featured on Good Bite

• “Parathas & Mango Chutney: A How-To” featured on Good Bite

• Kamran mentioned on My Kitchen Addiction on several different occasions

• Photos from The Sophisticated Gourmet were featured at BlogHer Food 2009 by Diane and Todd of White on Rice Couple. (September 27, 2009)

Featured in “OFFICIAL LIVE BLOG – Session #2 (1-2:15 pm), Visuals Track: “Principles of Photography“” at BlogHer.