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Dominican Tostones Recipe

July 18, 2020 | 6 Comments

This crispy authentic Dominican Tostones recipe (patacones) is what dreams are made of. These crispy twice-fried green plantains are served with an easy homemade cilantro garlic sauce (ajillo) and a delicious garlicky pink sauce (salsa rosada).

Tostones recipe with ajillo

This Tostones recipe transports me back to childhood summers spent in the Dominican Republic with my family at my Tia Kika’s home. She is my late grandfather’s sister and one of the last siblings left from his generation. It’s been nearly a decade since I’ve been back to her home… I can still remember the humidity on my skin, the old metal porch swing, ice-cold raspberry sodas served in tin cups, and crispy fried tostones sprinkled with sea salt.

Dominican tostones with cilantro ajillo

Spending the day at her house always meant we would be exposed to some of the best Dominican cooking that would leave a lasting impression on my life. Three generations of women would come together in her large kitchen to prepare lunch and dinner for the small crowd. She and my grandmother would carefully orchestrate the meals together. Sure enough, each meal always consisted of a rice dish and plantains (my favorite being twice-fried green plantains, tostones).
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