Frequently Asked Questions

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– Navigating the Site –

How can I subscribe to your RSS Feed via Email?
On the sidebar, there is a button labeled “Subscribe” (it looks like this) click on it, and it should direct you to a feedburner page that will ask for your email address. Simply type in your email address, verify the anti-spam image, and you’ll get an email from me with a link to confirm your subscription.

How can I subscribe to your RSS feed through Google Reader?
At the very bottom of the sidebar, there is a button (it looks like this). Just click on it. Easy.

Is there a way that I can subscribe to your RSS feed through my feed reader?
Yes, on the sidebar there is a link labeled “RSS” click on it, and you should be directed to this page. On the upper right, choose your feed reader, add the site’s feed to your reader, and you should be all set.

Who designed your site?
I did. I coded and designed it from the bottom-up.

Are you for hire as a web developer / food writer / recipe developer / photographer?
I am for hire. If you’d like to work with me, please use the form on this page to contact me, or simply send an email to:

kamran [at] sophisticatedgourmet [dot] com

Is there any way to print a recipe?
Why yes, there is. Below each post, there is a bar with a printer icon & link all the way to the left, which allows you to print a recipe (it looks like this). Click the “Print Recipe” link; you’ll be directed to the print page. On the print page, press print, and you’re done.

I found the perfect recipe for something on this site; is there a way that I can email it to someone I know?
Of course there is; below each post there is a bar containing a link labeled “Share & Bookmark.” Click on it. A box will appear. There will be a few tabs- one labeled “Share/Save,” and to the right of that, there will be one labeled “Email” click on that tab. The box will change and offer you various ways to send the email. If you’d like a visual explanation, click here.

The font size on the site is a bit too small for me to easily read. Is there a function that allows me to make the font size appear larger?
I’m glad you asked, because there is. Below each post, there is a bar with a “Printer Recipe” link, and “Share & Bookmark” link, right next to the “Share & Bookmark” link, there’s the font sizer (it looks like this). Click on the “A” as many times as you need, until the font is readable. Note: the setting goes back to normal when you refresh the page, so if you make the font too large or too small, simply click the “Refresh” button in your browser.

Is there any way that I can comment on a recipe?
Of course there is! Below each post, there is a bar studded with various functions like “Print Recipe” And “Share & Bookmark” to the far right, there is a link with the number of comments in the post (it looks like this). Click on the link, and you’ll be directed to the comments section of the post.

Is there a way for me to convert a recipe?
Yes, on this page.

– Contact –

Can I use something from your site or from your Flickr page on my site or in my magazine?
All of the content (including photos, text, etc.) on this site and on  Flickr are protected by copyright. This means you may not copy or “borrow” anything from my site without my written permission. Please ask.

I am from a Magazine/Newspaper/Publishing Company/ News Station/Radio Station/Website, we would love to offer you a deal/ feature you /your site in our upcoming article/broadcast.
What an honor! I’d love that. Please send me an email with any questions / requests.

I am from a PR Company / I’d love if you could review our product(s) and host a possible giveaway. Can I email you and mail you our product?
Thank you, but I no longer do product reviews or giveaways. Feel free to email me if you think that you can change my mind, but please keep in mind that if you do not receive a reply within 72 hours of your email, please take this as a kind decline.

Why don’t you advertise on your site? Would you be interested in advertising / partnering with us?
I currently do not advertise on my site because I have not yet found an ad network that I feel fits well for the site, but please feel free to contact me if you feel that your ads are relevant and will fit well on this site.

Will you answer my e-mail / comment? If so, when?
Yes, of course I will! I promise. You should receive a reply within 72-hours of your email. If your email can easily be answered by a current post or one of the answers on this page, please note that you might not receive a reply. If I do reply to an email that is asking for help on a certain topic, a simple “thank you” would be much appreciated (it’s only courteous!).

– The Photographs –

Who shoots the photos on The Sophisticated Gourmet?
I take all of the photos on this site (yes, even the action shots with both of my hands in the photos), unless noted in the post.

What kind of camera do you use?
I currently shoot with a Nikon D70s dSLR camera and a 50mm f/1.8 lens.

Up until April 2010, all photos on this site were shot using a Canon PowerShot A550 point-and-shoot camera; I am slowly working on updating the photos in these posts.

Kamran, your photography is awesome. Do you have a post that can help me better my photography?
At the moment, I do not, but once I feel my photography has come to a point for me to offer tips, etc. I’ll surely get a post together.

– Blogging & Commenting –

I have a blog / website. Can you link to it? Would you like to exchange links? Can you check out my site?
I apologize, but I do not accept requests to exchange links. If you have a new site and would like for me to check it out, I’d be glad to, just shoot me an email. Meanwhile, be sure to check out my blogroll, it contains a growing list of blogs that I read regularly.

Can I link to your food blog?
Of course you can. I’d be honored if you did so!

Would you mind if I sent you an e-mail about a few grammatical mistakes that I saw on the site?
I wouldn’t mind at all. Please don’t be rude about it, though. I try not to make grammatical mistakes, but I am only human, so if you do find a few grammatical mistakes, misspelled or misused words, an e-mail or a comment in that post would be nice. Please sign your name at the end of the e-mail and be sure to include your blog link (if you have one) just so I know who to address.

Why didn’t you confirm my friend request on Facebook?
I only accept friend requests from people I speak to regularly, or people I have met in person. Any friend requests from strangers are left pending, or are ignored. But we can still get to know each other on Facebook- “Like” the site’s Facebook Fan Page, and we can chat on there!

Why the did you delete my comment?
If there is any case that I delete anyone’s comment it is if someone is being inappropriate, spamming, or is leaving an anonymous comment. Vulgar language is not tolerated.

– Recipes & More –

Why didn’t this recipe work for me?
Honestly, I am not sure. All of the recipes on this site are tested several times (I am not kidding- some recipes have been tested over 20 times!). Because I am not in the kitchen with you, I couldn’t possibly tell you what went wrong. I wouldn’t know if you used the correct ingredients, if you over-cooked / baked a recipe, if your oven isn’t calibrated, if your ingredients were at room temperature, if you swapped baking soda for baking powder, or if you simply had a bad day in the kitchen, but what I can tell you is that all of the recipes written are meant to work for you. Nothing on this site is “guestimated” Everything is measured to the T (or in this case, the gram, ounce, cup . . .). When I try recipes that have guestimated measurements, I literally want to pull my hair out and drop-kick someone. I take it as an insult when ingredients are not measured properly, but I hope you understand my frustration, as no one wants to waste food. If a recipe doesn’t work for you, feel free to send me an email, I’ll be happy to help you figure out what went wrong.

Help! I need a recipe in grams / I don’t know what “sauté” means / I am trying to figure out how long these cookies will keep for.
Worry not, my friends, there’s an app for that. I am kidding. I’v put together a page that will help you with most of your kitchen needs- conversions, kitchen essentials, a food dictionary, and much more.

Kamran, this may seem like a silly question, but what brands of flour do you when making the recipes on The Sophisticated Gourmet?
There is no such thing as a silly question. I like to stick to the following brands: King Arthur, Bob’s Red Mill, Whole Foods brand flours, and Arrowhead Mills. I think they all have their strengths. For All-purpose flour and bread flour, I use King Arthur brand flour. For more unusual types of flour (i.e. Almond meal, etc.), I use Bob’s Red Mill. For cornmeal, Whole Wheat Pastry flour, and other grains, I love utilizing the bins at Whole Foods; you’ll be surprised as to how affordable these fresh flours and grains can be.

Can I write about / use one of your recipes on my site?
Of course you can! The only thing I ask of you is to identify as the place where you originally found the recipe.

“Adapted from”- What does that mean?
As you may have noticed that many of the recipes on this site are adapted, which means that I am crediting the original source that I changed the recipe from. Some posts will say “Barely Adapted”, others will say “Tweaked”, and others will simply say “Adapted”, or sometimes it will say, “Inspired by”; depending on what the recipes states, I am crediting where I originally got a recipe/ recipe idea from.

I have a question not on this list!
Awesome, send me an email using the contact form on this page, or send an email to:
kamran [at] sophisticatedgourmet [dot] com