Welcome to The New Place

Hello and welcome to the new home of The Sophisticated Gourmet food blog! Please make yourself at home (maybe even nibble on a few carrots?) as I try to fix a few of the quirks. Please note that none of the posts have comments on them… Long story short, my comments weren’t able to be imported over. I know, sad, but I’ll have to suck it up… There goes almost 2000 comments in the garbage bowl. Sigh.

Anyway, this is not time for me to sigh. It’s time to be super happy…. So, I’ll give you a little tour of the new blog. The Sophisticated Gourmet has a recipe index, a page of helpful resources with awesome articles on kitchen essentials, cooking conversions, and a cooking dictionary that will be helpful to anyone who doesn’t know what a certain culinary term means. There’s also… a page with a list of my favorite food blogs, an option to have posts e-mailed to you, and an RSS Feed.

If you’d like to read about my amateur thoughts on food photography, there’s a post here written for those of you who are interested.

If you have a question that you’re itching to ask, soothe that itch with my FAQ page. It is chock full of questions and answers.

In addition to pages on the blog, there are more places to follow me…
food buzz

Additionally, I am thinking of starting a recipe pool for the blog, which will allow you to tag your photos with “The Sophisticated Gourmet” and we’ll all be able to go check them out. I’ll keep you updated on that…

As for my Flickr page, I am working on it… I am starting to upload more photos to it, so bear with me.

Have fun on the new site. Please be sure to spread the word about it! :)

P.S. Don’t forget to update your RSS Readers and your blogrolls! :)

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